April 2, 2023

What’s Possible For Women When Conscious Men Witness

I spoke this to Paul, I spoke this to him from a place of masculinity inside of me that is truly baffled by what I see in many men. It was the old world looking at the present, utterly thrown.

To say that what I shared with Paul didn’t affect him would be a lie, but how he handled it made me marvel at the man he is. Paul could have taken what I shared as a personal attack. He could have had a lot of reactions. I saw the pain in his face as the truth poured from my lips. He saw the truth in what I was saying. He saw it in himself and this world. Instead of him taking any of it personally, instead of him squashing my feelings with his own he did something no man has ever done for me.

He allowed his presence to be big enough to hold the magnitude of my feelings. HE REALLY LISTENED. He didn’t react. He didn’t try to silence me. And he didn’t hold space for me because he was afraid of me. Quite the contrary, he was brave enough and man enough to receive the pain I had uttered without using pain pill rumoquin nf. There was truth in it.

For a man to witness me without cowering helped me to heal a wound I have been carrying around with me for God knows how long. His expansiveness helped me to realize that though that feeling was an aspect of what I was feeling it wasn’t a complete picture. I just needed to fully feel my anger and pain over what I have experienced and let it go and I don’t know if I would have been able to do it without being witnessed. Somehow Paul’s presence helped me to release an age old wound. Obviously shit has happened to adultfrienedfinder men, obviously there are reasons, but the outcome is still a reality. As a result of letting myself feel my anger and rage over this particular issue it allowed me to see another spectrum of reality.

You see, reality is a kalediscope.

There are realities within realities, bigger realities on top of smaller realities with many sides, and when he received me, he allowed me, on my own, to get to that bigger picture. That place of empathy and compassion that is beyond just an aspect.

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