April 2, 2023

What is a dance kiss?

A dance kiss is probably one of my favorite types of kisses. It just takes away so much awkwardness when you kiss for the first time. It just seems like a natural extension of embrace known as dancing.

When you’re dancing with your partner, at a party or a club, and you can feel the chemistry between you and you can feel your partner you met on adultfrinendfinder holding you closely, you can try to see if they want you to kiss them. It’s not really as hard as it sounds, since when you’re dancing, it just seems like a natural extension of your embrace, provided they like you of course 🙂

  • When dancing, try to move as close as possible to your partner and see if they are comfortable with that
  • If your partner is comfortable and you’re a guy, try softly stroking the girl’s hair as two of you dance. It’s preferable if you look her in the eyes and around her face, since this will make her feel more comfortable
  • If you’re a girl, try putting your hands on the guy’s chest and looking into his eyes, as this will give him more courage to try and kiss you
  • After you hold your hands there for a few seconds take them off and wrap them around him as you look onto his face and see what he does. He should get the message by then 🙂
  • Try to softly and playfully bump noses as bumping noses is basically right next to kissing. If your partner doesn’t mind bumping noses playfully, then he or she probably wouldn’t mind kissing you.
  • Poke your partner playfully and smile 🙂
  • After playing this little game a little, a guy should usually make the move if he’s attracted to a girl. He might not, though, because he might be shy doing it in front of a lot of people. Don’t worry, if he likes you, he will eventually kiss you if you make him feel comfortable 🙂
  • If you’re a guy, you should realize that girls usually are more scared to initiate a kiss, so if you see that the girl likes you, try to bump noses playfully with her and if she giggles playfully, most likely she doesn’t mind being kissed 🙂

Good luck guys and girls 😛

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