April 2, 2023

What Chemistry REALLY Means To Women

Do you REALLY want to sleep with a LOT of women?

… or do you want to find one with whom you have CHEMISTRY?

Sure you can sleep with a lot of women for a time, but in doing so, most guys realize that chemistry is more important than numbers.

You won’t have chemistry with every person you meet. In fact, I’d say true chemistry is rare.

There’s million ways to describe chemistry...you could say it’s when two people are having a great time with each other without even the subtlest social mask, or “persona.”

Chemistry is hard to define in words; it’s a feeling. True to the term, it’s like an equation: two people being themselves equals fun – enjoying life together, feeling great about each other.

In other words, they have fun together without having to change, walk on eggshells, or put on a false front in order to get along.

You are having so much fun that hours fly by, and you feel like she is all that exists.

And of course there’s passion. Sexual chemistry means this person turns you on, perpetually. You don’t have to take a break from her, like often happens when men get into sexual relationships.

It’s not hard to get along with people, especially if you have good social skills. But true chemistry is rare.

So how do you find chemistry?

Well first you have to discern chemistry from neediness. It’s easy to think you love or “click with” someone if they are more attractive than you are.

This is about thinking someone is your rare opportunity to be with someone “above” you.

I’m not going to get into what’s wrong with that.

For now, realize that just because a woman is prettier than any girl you’ve met before, it doesn’t mean she’s “meant” for you.

Let me say how you CAN’T find chemistry.

By faking your personality.

You can “game” a girl you met at adultfrienedfinder that you think is hot, even if you don’t like her. In fact, you HAVE TO game her because you won’t get along with her if you don’t accommodate to her personality.

If you have to “game” a woman with routines and techniques (lies) to keep the interaction going, there’s either no hope for chemistry, or you are preventing it from existing.

Either way, “gaming” a girl won’t lead to chemistry (although it can get you sex sometimes).

If you can’t escalate to sex with a woman while being yourself, you will never be able to be yourself with her.

By not expressing your true personality, you nullify any chances of something beyond a short-lived fling.

Which can be great sometimes. In fact I actually encourage that kind of thing when you get started.

But if you’re looking for someone special, someone you can hang out with when you’re not having sex, then you’re looking for chemistry.

In order to find chemistry you have to meet a lot of women (unless you’re lucky).

So you have to meet a fair amount of people. This means you have to be your TRUE, FULL SELF right off the bat, so that you can use your time and energy wisely.

It also means you have to be EFFICIENT.

You must be able to open well without thinking too much.

You must be able to engage a woman and manage logistics.

You must be able to escalate with proper timing and energy.

And you must be able to do all this with the least amount of effort possible.

This is why we call it Natural Game – it’s easy because you’re not making extraneous effort. You’re using your personality, and aligning it with the principles of attraction – The Attraction Code – to take the shortest road to sex and fulfilling relationships.

Before I go any further, I want to clarify something. There’s a big misconception about what it means to be yourself.

“Just be yourself,” is by now clichéd dating advice – no one really seems to believe that it actually works.


Most guys, and people in general, are subtly holding back their true personalities, and filtering their expression through a persona – a social mask.

Over the years, people develop mental habits to protect their egos, their self-image.

After a while these habits are so worn – like paths in your mind, that your thoughts shoot right through these paths so fast your awareness doesn’t notice.

This is why it’s so hard to be your true self without guidance from a coach…you aren’t AWARE of the ways you are holding back the man inside you that’s trying to come out.

People who are truly “themselves” and express their character honestly and fully are so incredibly rare; they always make a huge impact and are extremely magnetic to others.

So if chemistry is what you seek, you’re gonna have to figure this “be yourself” thing out.

Otherwise you simply won’t be able to find that “click” with women that you want so badly.

By being yourself, you screen out women you don’t get along with, and naturally bring women into your life that you DO get along with.

The only way to find real chemistry is by being yourself.

UNLEASH your true self.

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