April 1, 2023

How To Steal Another Guy’s Girlfriend

Ok, so you’re talking to a girl that you really like, and then suddenly she hit’s you with it… BANG!

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about that famous line… “I have a boyfriend”. Well, it might not be that exact line, in fact it could be any of the following:…

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Confusing Girl

First of all I want you to know that it’s a great site and I mostly like the articles that you write, they are really good and have helped a lot because I’ve become more confident and I am getting more girls than I want, thank you for that.

I think the best article is “Confidence Overdrive” and I have a question about it: I always tell my friends about my personal life and also ask them for advice alot. Do you think this is something wrong? In the article it says don’t tell them if you get laid but …

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Touching upon approach

Kino and how to use it on the approach:
First I’ll give you a run down of what happened and then I’ll give you the ways to fix it. I was at a restaurant with a friend and my cousin, we had a nice meal but during the coarse of that meal I had finished my water and found myself wanting more. …

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