May 29, 2023

Touching upon approach

Kino and how to use it on the approach:
First I’ll give you a run down of what happened and then I’ll give you the ways to fix it. I was at a restaurant with a friend and my cousin, we had a nice meal but during the coarse of that meal I had finished my water and found myself wanting more.

I grabbed my cup and walked to the pop machine (that is soda to you non-Midwesterners) and I noticed that there wasn’t a button to push for water. I then did the next thing that came to mind and I decided to ask a nearby waiter for help. I want you to visualize the situation here, there was an island in the middle of the restaurant on one end they had ice cream, on the side towards the seating area they had the machines to refill your refreshments, on the other side they had all the condiments for that ice cream everyone eats, and on the last end they had a waiter there supervising to make sure everything man smoothly.

As I noticed there was not a water button to push to refill my empty glass that I so badly wanted to be filled I decided to ask the waiter to my left and not facing me where I could get some water. I approached him from the back/side, reached out with my right hand because the cup was in my left and tapped him on the elbow. He jumped about ten feet in the air because I startled him. I started to ask where to refill my water but I could tell that nothing was registering so I paused and let him regain his composure and then finished what I was saying and he pointed me into the right direction and I finally got that high quality H2O that I so badly desired.

I know that kino does many things in interactions and getting the other person undivided attention is one of them. With that being said I have noticed that there is a right way and a wrong way to engage the first touch in an interaction on adultfrinendfinder. The main thing that I did wrong in that scenario is that the waiter did not even see me before I touched him, which in turn scared him and put him on edge. Things would have gone much smoother if I would have entered his peripheral vision. Entering someone’s vision lets him or her know that you are there. It states to them that I have nothing to hide and that I am comfortable with us seeing each other. By doing this it will put a girls ASD on pause mode.

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