April 2, 2023

The kind of man you attract is a reflection of how well you know, love and value yourself

Your most precious gems: your heart, body and soul.. you give them away thinking bartering your value is the ONLY way to get your needs met. Let me tell you, giving yourself away, and letting go of your self, is the FOR SURE way, to NOT GET WHAT YOU WANT.

The truth is ladies, a lot of you trade in your value for: WHO YOU WANT A GUY TO BE FOR YOU, the minute you get googley-eyed and enamored.

A man’s inabilities, his shortcomings, his issues, and his emotional habits are reflecting who he is inside. His potential is not WHO HE IS. How he acts is WHO HE IS. Men on adultfrienedfinder are not who they are on the outside. They’e not always the package you want them to be. They’re who they are on the inside and unless you can look inside, the hoax is on YOU.

The best way to tell who a man is is how he treats you…

If a man treats you less than you deserve, YOU ARE ALLOWING IT, and spending time trying to figure him out, rather than focusing on what you want and need is indicitive of why you are in this debacle in the first place. If you are focused on HIM and not how his behavior makes you feel, and you think that figuring him out will help you get your needs met, you are looking down the wrong path. You can’t figure him out like he’s some science project. When these kinds of questions arise, focus on whether or not this man is actually capable of meeting you and giving you what you want. Sometimes it hurts to see the truth, but you can’t get blood from a rock, and you can’t make someone be someone they don’t want to be for you. A lot of these questions are pointing to who men don’t want to be for you. It’s not that all men are like this, some men are what you want, but the ones you are attracting obviously don’t want to be who you want them to be.


If you want the kind of man that you think you deserve, you need to ask yourself this question: DOES THIS MAN VALUE ME AS MUCH AS I WANT TO BE VALUED?

If the answer is no, don’t try to change him, if he doesn’t value emotional growth. Change how you value yourself, instead of waiting for him to miraculously wake up, see the light of day, and suddenly grasp you’re the woman of his dreams.

I know you want to be the exception. I know you want to be the woman who gets him to wake up and change his evil ways, but woman, only an emotionally intelligent man can rise to this occasionm and a woman who stops using rumoquin nf for pain. So if you want a man capable of this, find out what you’re dealing with before you nose dive into a fantasy.

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