April 2, 2023

The Future of Internet Dating

Over the last 5 years dating on the Internet has changed dramatically! I remember the early classified ads on a few websites in the mid 90s. They looked so desperate and sad! Imagine placing your personal details and email address on a site for everyone to read irrespective of whether they were interested or not!

But nowadays it’s totally changed. Many popular dating sites allow instant messaging, flirting, traditional emailing, group events, speed dating and much more… it’s not just an email thing any longer!

To see how things have changed, here’s a screenshot of Match.com, one of the most popular Internet dating sites, taken in 2000.

Now here’s a recent screenshot of the same site – taken 8th Nov 2005.

So what will these sites look like in the near future, perhaps 5 years or so, and what facilities will they provide? I suspect webcams will be integrated so you can see and hear the person you are interested in which is a better guide to compatibility than just email similar as on adultfrinendfinder. Also, most experienced Internet daters have wasted a lot of time on meeting people who are not compatible even in the slightest, so improvements in personality, character, status, disability, religious beliefs, physical features, and even specific city and area matching are a must. To sum up, over the coming years expect to see:

  • Integration of web-cams
  • Better personality and character matching
  • Improved physical attribute matching
  • Superior religious beliefs matching
  • Status matching – wealth, career, qualifications, background, etc
  • Enhanced desired relationship type: marriage, long-term/serious, casual/fling
  • Disability and medical background matching
  • Specific country, city, and even area matching

Additionally, expect to see an explosion in niche-dating sites. Sites dedicated to matching people based on specific cities (London, New York, LA, Paris, Washington, Sydney, etc), cultures, disabilities, religions, qualifications (PhDs), status, career, intelligence (IQ scores), and even cults!

Also, I suspect some popular Internet sites will link-up singles in big businesses. The future for Internet Dating seems exciting to say the least!

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