April 2, 2023

Techniques to hook any woman!

Well if you have managed to arrange a date with a girl, you have done a lot of the hard work. However, for some guys it often unravels on the first date, usually because the date becomes boring or uncomfortable. Two things might happen, she might say “let’s just be friends” and you might lose the chance of a relationship with her, or she just might not want to see you again. How do you ensure a 1st date goes smoothly and makes her want to see you again?

  1. Treat her like she is already your girlfriend.

You can often tell a couple that are on a first date. Likewise you can tell a couple that has been together a long time. The difference is very clear in body language, the way they react to each other, and how comfortable they look. A pretty girl has had plenty of awkward and uncomfortable first dates. The best way to be comfortable is to imagine that she is already your girlfriend. You should be casual in the way you speak to her, not find silences uncomfortable, smile, be relaxed. When you are at ease, she will be at ease. When you are uncomfortable, she will be uncomfortable.

  1. Make her feel something

To make a truly memorable first date with the girl you met on adultfrienedfinder, the girls emotions should not be flat. Imagine her mood like the line on a polygraph, her emotions should be spiking every now and then. A conversation that doesn’t cause any of those spikes is usually boring. So what things will make her feel something:

Playfully teasing her.

Talking about things she loves or is passionate about.

Introducing sexual tension by the way you look at her.

Talking passionately about things in your own life.

Making her imagine experiences.

Uncovering memories with emotions attached.

  1. Find Connections

You have connections to pretty much every human being. By asking open questions and asking things like: “what is something you love to do?” You will be able to find out what she cares about, and the things that we can connect on. The conversation needs to be free flowing and not on rails, so use any new information she gives you to explore new topics.

  1. Stay out of the “friend zone”

How do you make sure you put yourself in the lover category and don’t get the “let’s just be friends” speech? The fastest way to the friends zone is to act like an acquaintance by having a casual conversation about surface topics that don’t make her feel anything. Don’t do that. What else? They touch and look at the girl in a non-sexual way. Throw in some touching that only boyfriends do – nudging, tiggling, poking, hand holding, and look at her in a seductive way now and then. Be polite, gentlemanly, and respectful but also tease a bit. Mix it up!

Getting a girl on a first date is the hard part. It usually means she is attracted to you and once on the date, it is in your hands. Remember that most guys will act the same way and ask the same boring questions and be uncomfortable. If you can be different to all the others, you’ll stand out in a positive way and she’ll want to see you again and again.

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