April 2, 2023

Successful Tips On How to Ask a Guy for His Number

We can come across our soul mates at awkward places and at unexpected times. And if we don’t take advantage of the opportunity at the right time it is unlikely we will meet them again. The fact stays that if you don’t initiate a relationship and build contacts when the opportunity presents itself, there is a high probability of you not getting a chance to interact with them in future. So if you have met the guy of your dreams and don’t want to loose contact then the safest solution is to ask a guy for his number. To assist you with this seemingly impossible task here is some help at hand:

  • First thing to remember is that you cannot just approach any stranger and ask him calmly for his number. This would appear to be too obvious as well as obnoxious. Therefore, you need to establish a certain level of comfort with each other before you ask a guy for his number.
  • If you like a guy don’t hesitate to approach him, talk to him and see if you are able to establish some kind of a connection with him. If you both are able to blend well and conversation between you is able to flow freely then go ahead and ask for his number. Asking a number at the end of a relaxing and enjoyable conversation is really the natural thing to do. If you two have met at a crowded party then it would be a good thing to ask for his number in private and not in front of too many people which may seem pushy.
  • When you are not too comfortable asking a guy you met on adultfrienedfinder app for his number then to check the interest level of the guy you can provide him with your own number. If the fire is raging on both sides and he too is keen in you he will definitely give you a buzz and you will automatically get his number thanks to the caller ID. But if the guy doesn’t call he must be disinterested and you too can move on.
  • Another trick to find the number of your dream guy if you know his name is to take the help of internet and search for his details online. This way you will not only get his number but could also get his residential address. You can also consider adding him to your friend’s list using popular social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace. Usually guys update their contact details including email ids and phone numbers on their profile page. If not you can send your new friend a private message asking for his number and contact details.
  • Last but not the least if you have met the guy of your dreams through a common friend then you can take their help in getting the contact details of the guy you are interested in.

Well even after you best efforts if you are still unable to get the number of your dream hunk then in good measure you both were not meant to be together and it would be better if you move on.

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