April 2, 2023

Should I just give up on dating?

Dear Ron,

I can’t seem to hold on to a boyfriend for more than a few months, although each one tells me I am the most beautiful and personable woman they have met in a long time. It seems to me that most men will be dishonest about their feelings to obtain premature intimacy and when it doesn’t take place in a short period of time, they dump the woman with no explanation. I have been so disappointed by this behavior in men that I don’t believe anything a man says and have been thinking about not dating any longer.

Please advise,
Disappointed Dater

Dear Disappointed,

Don’t stop dating. Your eloquence and sincerity shows that this would be a horrible loss to the good men you haven’t met yet. Worse, it would be a cop-out on your part, and you know it.

Go out. Have a blast. Date as many men as you can. Most will drop away; one or two will surprise you. Really surprise you. Subscribe to adultfrienedfinder today.

Why don’t women like braniacs?


I have noticed that most women’s profiles list “Braniacs” as a turn-off. I consider myself to be an extremely intelligent person. Does intelligence cause women to run for the hills? If so I am in trouble. Or does the term “Braniac” imply a different meaning? While I am bright, I do not conform to the nerdy profile at all. Perhaps you can enlighten me.

Too sexy for my brain

Dear Sexy,

Guy, intelligence is a nice quality like being a sharp dresser, a good lover, wealthy or devilishly good-looking. Sure, women want you to have it; they just don’t want you to be too aware that you have it. They don’t want a man who’ll dangle his strong suits in people’s faces by flashing his billfold, his killer wink or his command of civil war trivia. Every woman likes an intelligent man. Nobody likes a brainiac.

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