May 29, 2023

Relationship Couseling

When should you go to a relationship counseling?

5 situations that require relationship counseling:

1. If one of the partners cheated on the other and both of them want to repair their relationship. Betrayal is one of the hardest things to come over in a relationship the hurting partner must have a place and time to deal with all the hard and negative feelings so they wont reappear later on. The hurting partner must take responsibility for his actions and both of them must learn to build trust again and understand where did their relationship went wrong. Its very hard without professional help.

2. If one of the partners humiliates and being obsessive about controlling the other partner. Usually the victim in this relationship lives in constant terror always waiting for the next blow. Probably all the self confidence vanished after a few months and there is almost no chance to get out of it safely without professional relationship counseling.

3. For a couple that got married after being together from high school and the man suddenly wants to “taste life”. The man in this situation is emotionally single again, he sleeps around, goes to parties and tries to “make up” for all the things he “lost” or didnt taste. In this situation the man is in a constant starvation for excitement and new conquers that wont get fulfilled ever until he will ruin his relationship and understand what he have lost. In order to avoid this known in advance dead end one should get professional help.

4. When the other doesnt listen or is never there. This feeling/situation will lead eventually to a breakup even if the couple will stay together, emotionally they will be on their own. Relationship counseling is needed here in order to make times to invest in the relationship and to teach both sides to be more sensitive for times when the other is emotienly free for them thus eliminating the feeling of lonliness in a relationship and saving them.

Here is a straight to the point fingering guide that will make your woman go crazy

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The next thing you want to do is go inside with your finger, making a circle inside and taking some of that juice outside to get her wet all over the place. After going in and out, always in circles, fingering her clitoris (thats the little thing that stands out a bit outside the hole for you 15 year olds) on the out side and the “walls” on the inside you should add another finger.

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When you’ll come to the point that she cant stand still anymore and she is the one moving all the time begging for more with her thighs and her moves, you can stop moving and place your hand as a strong surface that she can come on.

When you’ll feel uncontrolled movements between her legs like small earthquakes then you’ll know that your mission is complete. You can let her rest a bit caressing her very sensitive body. After a minute or so you can start again but this time she’ll be so sensitive that she will probably come in no time, just pay attention if she isnt over sensitive because then you can hurt her or make her feel unpleasant by trying again.

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