May 29, 2023

PUA LoveCharm on Seducing

I’ve been learning Seduction for around 10 months. After spliting with my LTR i decided that at the young age of 22 i wasn’t quite ready to get as serious as the relationship was going. I wanted to explore women more.
I learned several ‘Methods’ (Mystery, RSD, Juggler, David D, Shock and Awe, Gunwitch, Badboy). They’ve all blended together to create the way i interact with women.

Having a closer look at these techniques you begin to see patterns. A Blue-print of Seduction Psychology and Social Dynamics. All these methods have certain traits.


Everyone needs looks. Let’s not bullshit around here! I’ve witnessed countless arguements in the community on whether they matter. Guys! No girl is going out with a blank canvas. We all have different looks. Some people are tall and others short. Fat, thin, bold, hairy. You get me. The question isn’t if they matter. The question is WHAT makes you GOOD LOOKING? GROOMING is the key here. If we all shaved our heads, had no teeth, had the same body size we’d all look similar. The difference between us is WHO pays for an expensive haircut? WHO waxes their hairy back? WHO takes care of their teeth, is hygenic and smells good? The good looking people groom themselves. I know, because i’m a good looking dude who grooms himself. I take an interest in my looks. I workout, am hygenic, wear nice clothes (Try to anyways). Join a gym and get a good body. Alot of people neglet this and attempt to make up for it with good game. True, you don’t need washboard abs to attract the woman of your dreams but why not give yourself the best possible chance of attracting her. Imagine having sick game AND a good body. That’s game, set and match. Clothes are so important to being good looking. They are a second skin to us. A skin that WE choose. If you are confident in how you look then this will make you more attractive.

This is the spine for what the community calls INNER GAME. You MUST have confidence or you will not be successful. You MUST believe in yourself. If you are confident then it will take a lot for something to get to you mentally. If you have confidence in yourself then others will too. Confidence is a POSITIVE thing. Women, and even people in general, all like to be surrounded by positive people. If you have confidence then you’ll never give up because you believe you will make it. If you NEVER give up HOW CAN YOU FAIL? Confident people will always succeed in the end if they perform right.


You perform everyday of your life. In many ways. Seducing people is a performance. YOU DO NOT PERFORM BY READING. Read this then go out. DO IT. You will not fuck sexy women at adultfrinendfinder reading about how to do it. You WILL fuck sexy women by actually trying to fuck them (no rape, guys). Yeah sure, learn how to be a better person. But going out and actually doing it you’ll learn more.


Value is what makes you most attractive. Even more than looks. A good looking guy is just a physical form of high value. This is the biggest component to attracting women. High value guys fuck beautiful women. Why? Because beautiful women are perceived as high value women. High value fucks high value. A rich man will be a higher value male than a male employed to wash dishes. The blueprint in Seduction is mainly based on making yourself higher value. Demonstrating higher value is a must. You can do this without words. Being a well groomed male will make you more higher value. Having a good job will make you higher value. Having other women in your life will make you higher value.

If other people see you as attractive then so will others. A good looking well groomed guy will make women presume he’s higher value and have pre-selection thus making them feel more attracted. If a women notices that you have had previous partners you’ll become more attractive. If an ex partner is attractive then this will make other women more attracted to you. An attractive woman is high value and if she was attractive then you’ll have been fucking a high value woman making you high value thus making other women more attractive to you (phewww need to breath). If others want or have had you, a women will want you more because you are more valuable than a guy who not many women like. Almost catch 22. If you want the most beautiful women in your life, you have to have keep adding more women to your surroundings. Once that snowball starts rolling though, it’ll all get easier.


In order to fuck the woman, you must understand the woman (haha, sounds funny). You want to make a woman safe. Women love protection. Building Rapport will CONNECT you with her. She’ll feel like she’s known you for years. There are two main types of Rapport. Wide and Deep. Wide is connecting on several subjects. Do this and your girl will tell her friends “OMG we have SOOOO much in common”. Deep Rapport is when you connect on a single subject that you can talk about for a long time (E.G You studied the same course at Uni). Both types of Rapport are really powerful. Aim for a wider type though as she’ll feel more like she’s looking at herself in the mirror. Building Rapport with a woman is like mental sex. Connecting with her mentally and emotionally will connect you with her physically.


An alpha male will lead. He will conquer. He will have respect. Most importantly he will be HIGHER VALUE THAN THE MEN AROUND HIM. He will be confident. He will do everything that is on these pages. People think that to be an alpha male you have to be some sort of dick. NO! All an alpha male is, a HIGHER VALUE MAN than the others around him. How do you become higher value? Be the man that’s on these pages.


Men do not wake up in the morning and think “I really hope a woman comes and sweeps me off my feet today”. We as MEN are the leaders. Look at Politics for example. We are natural leaders. Women love to be taken on a journey. They love being the passenger. If your ride is shit then she’ll get off. Women spend considerable amounts of time making themselves attractive. Why? for other women? No! (unless Lesbian haha). Women do their ‘job’ in society by making themselves attractive. Look at the cosmetics industry! YOUR job as a MAN is to approach her and SWEEP HER OFF HER FEET. Don’t get AA! Your job is to APPROACH! She does not make herself look sexy for you to just stand there and mind fuck her! BE a MAN and introduce yourself. LEAD. It’s your job.

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