How to Make Sure Women Know You’re Available

I noticed a strange thing a few years back. Every time I went out with my co-workers, no one came up to me or glanced my way. But when I went out to the very same places with my friends, who are all guys, I’d get tons of lingering glances and inviting looks.…

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Techniques to hook any woman!

Well if you have managed to arrange a date with a girl, you have done a lot of the hard work. However, for some guys it often unravels on the first date, usually because the date becomes boring or uncomfortable. Two things might happen, she might say “let’s just be friends” and you might lose the chance of a relationship with her, or she just might not want to see you again. How do you ensure a 1st date goes smoothly and makes her want to see you again?…

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What is a dance kiss?

A dance kiss is probably one of my favorite types of kisses. It just takes away so much awkwardness when you kiss for the first time. It just seems like a natural extension of embrace known as dancing.…

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Touching upon approach

Kino and how to use it on the approach:
First I’ll give you a run down of what happened and then I’ll give you the ways to fix it. I was at a restaurant with a friend and my cousin, we had a nice meal but during the coarse of that meal I had finished my water and found myself wanting more. …

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The Future of Internet Dating

Over the last 5 years dating on the Internet has changed dramatically! I remember the early classified ads on a few websites in the mid 90s. They looked so desperate and sad! Imagine placing your personal details and email address on a site for everyone to read irrespective of whether they were interested or not!…

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Gothic Dating

According to the gothic dating website, is the the largest and most successful dating site for Gothic friends and singles in the world!

In fact anyone with a dark-side is welcome: “The best dating site for gothic, goth , punk, vampire, metal, industrial, fetish, goth rock, occult, skulls, monsters, dark, darkwave, mysticism.”…

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Online Dating in Bristol

Many popular & often larger dating sites are realizing it’s important develop specific sites that consider specific inhabitants from certain counties, cities, or even particular areas (for example, Bristol dating).

Read the remarks I’ve noticed i have net regarding dating on the internet:

  1. I like reading the cheesy emails I get from guys
  2. I used it as a last resort but liked do it
  3. there are no rules 😉
  4. seemingly limitless options you have from the different sites
  5. easy to do… probably better than off-line
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Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals is an enormous site full of profiles from every walk of life. The four million members of the site make it possible for members to find many matches that interest them. The free membership level allows basic members to search for their potential matches before joining. Yahoo Personals also lets members take relationship and personality tests to better find their perfect match.…

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Online Dating: How to Write a Great First Email and Meet Singles

Once you’ve picked one or more internet dating sites, posted profiles and photos, and found single men or single women that interest you and that you’d like to get to know, you’re ready for the nitty gritty of online dating – connecting with other fabulous singles. If your online dating site is like most online dating services, you’ll have access to an anonymous email account so that you can communicate with single guys or single girls directly through the site. S…

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How Long Should You Give A Woman To Make A Decision When You Ask Her Out On A Date

Sometimes you can eliminate the problems you are encountering when it comes to dating and attracting simply by changing your beliefs and/or philosophy on certain things.

For instance, many men wonder how long they should give a woman to make a decision when he asks her out on a date.

When the truth is her decision really won’t be made until the day of the “date” and many times moments before the date.

In other words, women cancel plans and dates with men all the time simply because they had a perceived better offer.…

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