April 1, 2023

Most Sex Advice Is Bad Advice

Hi, I’m Mia, a female sex advisor or instructor here at MasterYourSexLife. I’ve read literally hundreds of crazy books, ebooks, seduction forums and watched DVDs on all matters relating to lovemaking, relationships and how to get the woman of your dreams! These have covered every topic you can think of, including sex help, common sex problems, tips for anal sex and problems during sex.

So now I’m really excited by the work we’re doing here at MasterYourSexLife, what with all the products and the live workshops that are available to everyone. And what exactly is making me so excited? It’s because the products we’ve got here are totally unique, modern, real and fresh-looking. I don’t know of anyone else teaching men what MasterYourSexLife is teaching them in this real-life, real situation way just like on adultfriendrfinder. They’re breaking through all the political correctness and taboo and explaining the facts about what really works like for example best thrusting vibrator.

As a new resident sex advisor here I can honestly say that what we have available to you are products and workshops designed from a truly unique perspective. Our live sex guide, workshop courses and relationship products are all based on experience and fact and not on information from the usual sources – the medical fraternity, academia, surveys, market research or from other random theories. So what do I mean when I say that?


I mean that much of the advice you get currently is from experts with limited practical experience, from a medical perspective or it’s just too esoteric. Say you buy a book or DVD that is an oral sex guide or anal sex guide or whatever. You read or watch it and think, ok fine I’ll try that. But have you ever questioned what has made these people experts? Where have they got their information from? Is it actually based on personal, practical experience with 1000’s of women?

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More often than not the information they’re using comes from the academic and medical world or from surveys or similar research with only a small subset from actual practical experience. Therefore you may have a professor of sexual psychology who possesses mostly theoretical knowledge distilled purely from the results of questionnaires, surveys and other sexual research and not the practical experience gained by applying his knowledge to 1000’s of women.

This means the oral sex help or anal sex help they’re trying to teach you is based on theory only and their limited or even non-existent practical experience with maybe their wife and perhaps several previous partners. In other words, an expert telling you what you should do based on theory, market research, questionnaires and probably quite a lot of bogus feedback. They haven’t personally tried these theories out on 1000’s of women.

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