May 29, 2023

Making a First Impression that Lasts

What Makes a Good First Impression:

warmth, sense of humor, imagination, confidence, success, fitness, individuality, body language, conversational ability, aspiration, power, creativity, kindness

What Makes a Poor First Impression:

self-centered, closed minded and judgmental, lack of manners, poor conversational ability, negative life attitude, lack of education, immature, indecisive, no opinions, lack of integrity, war stories from past relationships, complaining, shallowness, only interested in sex, power games, manipulation, materialistic

You can never know exactly what a woman will like, want, or need when you first meet her, but you can make a good first impression. If you leave her with a positive image of you, you can almost guarantee that you will hear from her again. Just remember that she already agreed to have a first date with you. She wants to like you and find a happy and confidant partner with whom to share her life. If you make her feel good when she is with you, you will see good results.

The idea is to show your personality right from the first date. Take her out for a night like no other and show your personality from the word “go.” Dinner and a movie, one of the classic first dates, is also one of the most boring and can be an easy way to end a relationship before it’s even begun.

So what is the perfect date on adultfrienedfinder? A perfect date should show your personality and not lead to awkward silences. Activity-based dates are great if you don’t really know your date all that well. You will find out a lot about the other person without the discomfort and expectations of traditional first dates. Try go-carting or miniature golfing or any fun activity that will quickly build a rapport between you and your date and make you feel comfortable together.

Unique, personal dates will guarantee higher dating success. Both you and your date will have a more comfortable, enjoyable time, and she’ll be so impressed that she’ll want to see what you’ll think up for the next date and beyond!

If you’re absolutely stuck for ideas, I have found a great guide for a lifetime of dating ideas. “300 Creative Dates” compiles 300 great ideas for romantic, traditional, original and fun dates. The author of “300 Creative Dates,” Michael Webb, has even appeared on Oprah to talk about his great ideas and success rate. He has compiled general dating ideas as well as dates for long-distance relationships, anniversaries, dates to compliment the season, and much more.

Not only does Michael Webb really know about the dating side of things, but he also offers some great techniques to asking woman out–whether you are good friends or have never met before. In fact, “300 Creative Dates” has given me piles of ideas, because it offers creative, fun, and enticing dates for everyone, from blind dates to first dates to even dates with your wife! Following a guide like this beats spontaneity hands-down, because nothing appeals more to women than a guy who takes the time to organize a romantic, fun, original date … rather than the uninspired and quickly-forgotten movie and dinner date with a side dish of awkward silence.

So remember … plan your dates, first impressions matter, and don’t forget that how you approach that crucial first date may be the difference between meeting the woman of your dreams or sitting at home by yourself on a Saturday night.

Best of luck with making your first impression! Men who make an effort are the biggest turn-on for women, so look the part and show her your personality on your first date. You’ll show her you are worth her time and find her saying “yes” almost before you’ve opened your mouth to ask her on that next date.

All the best,

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