April 2, 2023

Jealousy In Relationships

One of the quickest ways to get dumped is through insecurity and jealousy in relationships. Men and women both experience this problem since it part of human nature, however we must do our best to overcome it.

Jealousy and insecurity will ruin a relationship very quickly and are probably the most common of relationship problems. When a person is jealous or insecure they are often overbearing to their partner. Not only does it get really annoying to have someone always checking up on you or inquiring to what you are doing, but if you are jealous or insecure it shows your partner that you are needy and desperate.

People become needy and desperate when they display that they want something or cannot easily replace something. In relationship this is a huge turnoff because it shows your partner that you aren’t too great a catch. They can go out there and find someone who isn’t reading their e-mails or checking if he is using adultfriendrfinder or interrogating them about their weekend.

Here are my tips to overcome it:

1. Be Fair – If you are allowed to stay out late or don’t return your partners calls, then how can you expect the same out of her? Anything that you expect out of her, within reason, should also be expected out of her.

2. Don’t Worry – As the saying goes, only guilty minds worry. Those who do not trust their partner are distrustful because they themselves are guilty. If your mind is constantly wandering to other girls or you think about cheating and using best thrusting vibrator, then your mind will naturally suspect that your partner is thinking the same thing.

3. Fight Your Feelings – Jealousy and insecurity are part of man’s personality. If you are a person who is naturally jealous and overbearing in a relationship, make sure it doesn’t get the best of you. Don’t constantly interrogate your partner or fear that she will leave you or be with someone else. Such feelings are what I like to call wasteful emotions, since giving in to them brings no benefit.

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