April 2, 2023

How To Steal Another Guy’s Girlfriend

Ok, so you’re talking to a girl that you really like, and then suddenly she hit’s you with it… BANG!

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about that famous line… “I have a boyfriend”. Well, it might not be that exact line, in fact it could be any of the following:

  • “I’m kind of seeing someone on adultfrienedfinder
  • “My boyfriend and I went to this thing the other weekend…”
  • “It was my boyfriend’s idea”
  • “My boyfriend will get mad”

The question is, if she mentions a boyfriend should you CARE? Well, the answer is No!… the fact is, you can still end up sleeping with her and using thrusting vibrators (and get her in a relationship if you want).

First of all, especially at bars and nightclubs, you’ll find that women will LIE about having a boyfriend in order to try and “disinterest” you. When you’re first starting out approaching and attracting women, you might get this a lot… but don’t be disheartened, all this means is that you’re hitting on her too much. Typically, the solution here would be that you must get her ATTRACTED to you before you can show your attraction for her (hit on her). So she needs to show you interest before you can show interest in her. And HOW do you create the attraction?… well, check out my other articles related to creating attraction.

Ok, lets just say you’re talking to a girl and she mentions her boyfriend… and shes NOT lying about having a boyfriend. The fact is, you can still sleep with a girl WITH a boyfriend (or husband) as long as you communicate the following messages:

  • You don’t want to be her boyfriend
  • You just want to provide fun without consequences (when I say “fun”, I mean stimulating conversation, sex and other good times)
  • You’re comfortable with her having a boyfriend
  • You’re not “competing” with her boyfriend to be her partner.

NOTE: When I say “communicate the following messages”, I don’t mean you should actually SAY the above bullet messages, but you need to communicate them through your DEMEANOR and ATTITUDE. Get it? In fact, the fastest way to GET A GIRLFRIEND is to communicate the first 2 bulleted messages to a girl whether she has a boyfriend or not!

Just because she mentions a “boyfriend” shouldn’t make a difference to HOW you’re communicating to her. If she mentions that she has a boyfriend DURING the conversation, you should just carry on talking to her like she NEVER MENTIONED IT. At the end of the day, just because she has a boyfriend does not mean that she is not attracted to you… and if she is attracted to you enough, and you get her sexually aroused, she will still sleep with you.

If she mentions that she has a boyfriend when you’re asking for her phone number or asking her on a date, then all you have to do is simply establish that you just want to be “friends”. Still take her phone number, but meet up with her on casual terms like inviting her and her friends to a party, playing sports or meeting up on a night out (Side Note: ALL dates should be on a “casual basis” anyway).

When you’re out on a “casual” get-together with a girl that has a boyfriend, all you have to do is get her attracted to you and eventually get her sexually aroused… as long as you provide more “fun” value and emotional stimulation than her boyfriend, she’ll choose you over her boyfriend. Just remember the above bulleted messages you’re trying to communicate to her.

NOTE: If you want a beautiful, high quality girl, the fact of the matter is… they will pretty much ALWAYS have a “boyfriend” of sorts (whether it’s a partner, a guy they’re dating or a “friends with benefits”)… so if you want a high quality girl, you’re going to have to learn to “steal” another guy’s girlfriend anyway.

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