April 2, 2023

How to Flirt With a Guy

Flirting with a guy is very much easy, and effective if done properly. Though different men tend to prefer different types of women, the techniques used in flirting with a man are all the same. The first secret to successful flirting with men is to make eye contact with the man.

The secret of maintaining eye contact with the man is a much-touted piece of advice as this is a piece of advice that works. It is a known fact that men are visual creatures that tend to get interested once they find a pair of alluring peepers. The secret to successful eye contact lies in keeping contact short and sweet. You have to first look at him and hold the gaze for a beat and then look away; only to look back at him. At the most, all this has to take only 2-3 seconds as the longer you hold your gaze, the guy may wander off thinking that you are a strange lady grinning madly at him.

Once your eye contact is successful with your guy, you have to start talking to him. You can strike a conversation asking a question that makes both of you talk. You could perhaps say that you think you know the guy or perhaps offer some chips from your bag of chips. Any of these starter questions are sure to strike a conversation between yourself and the guy you are flirting with as seen in these adultfrinendfinder.com reviews.

Once you get a conversation started, you have to learn to know the body language that the guy emits. Usually, people liking each other tend to mimic each other’s movements and gestures. Like if you cross a leg, he too crosses his leg and when you shift foreword, he follows suit. So if everything goes well, and there is mutual attraction between you two, you find that you two naturally fall into sync. You could also consider subtly mimicking him like when he brushes his hair, you do so too and if he leans forward, you lean forward too.

You could also ask the guy questions like where he works, if he is married and any other question you can think of. Once you two start talking, the next step in flirting lies in touching him. While speaking, touch his arm, or better yet, you could give his arm a small squeeze to emphasize the fact that you are flirting with the guy.

When squeezing the guy, make sure that you keep the touch brief and not a long and lingering one. In addition to this, you have to see if he touches you in response to your touch. If he does touch you, it indicates that he is indeed interested in you. Once all this is done, you have to leave your guy.

By leaving him, he starts lusting and hunting you down as men are hard-wired to hunt and tend to chase their desires. Once you leave him, you prove that you are an elusive creature having better things to do. And that he has to act fast if he intends to keep you, he has to act fast.

If you have already tried these or think you need to strike even harder to get this hottie, here is how you can hit the bulls eye. “Catch him and keep him” is the clear roadmap that will help you attract his attention and finally his heart. Girls this is it, he will be yours forever!

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