May 29, 2023

How To Become The Alpha Male That Gets Girls

Men who are not as easily manipulated by women’s sometimes confusing, annoying, or even rude behavior cause women to feel attracted in a very powerful way.

An alpha dominant male who she can’t manipulate is instantly attractive to any woman.

Their state is relaxed, calm, of low energy.


Alpha dominant males always remain calm in the face of possible anger. They don’t let anything phase them. They allow any perceived or overt insult to slip by and turn it around on HER.…

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How To Attract Women: By Being a Bad Boy

It seems that when it comes to men chasing women, we guys are separated into two camps: the nice guys… and the bad boys. This is a dreadfully intense way of looking at things, making men think that they have to make some huge verdict with stern repercussions, like choosing between the Jedi and Dark Side, good and evil, black and white. But what about the middle ground? If you’re a nice guy who puts women on a pedestal and lets them get away with anything, you definitely can’t let them keep doing this. But if you’re a bad guy …

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I Forgot How To LIVE

I never intended to become a blogger.

I never knew that the words in my heart would be out there for the whole world to see, judge, or project on to.

I didn’t start writing one day and think I want people to hear my voice and resonate with me.

I wrote to hear my own voice.

I wrote so that the part of me that I don’t always stop long enough to engage or listen to, could finally be heard.…

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The kind of man you attract is a reflection of how well you know, love and value yourself

Your most precious gems: your heart, body and soul.. you give them away thinking bartering your value is the ONLY way to get your needs met. Let me tell you, giving yourself away, and letting go of your self, is the FOR SURE way, to NOT GET WHAT YOU WANT.…

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Social Status

Social status relates to how important or popular you are and is important when seducing women. That is why celebrities, athletes, rockstars, and millionaires get so many women. Women’s attraction is much more complicated than men’s, partly because status places such a large role in their attraction. Because of this, it is important to know some of the factors that make up your status.…

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Common Mistake

Thanks for the great tips. All right, there is this one girl that I have been talking to. We have been friends now for a year and a half. She just got out of a three year relationship. We started going out together and having a good time. I started to feel that she was starting to like me. Any ways, last week I told her how I felt, then she told me how she felt. She told me that right now it will feel too awkward to go out with me b/c she doesn’t want to hurt me. …

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Behaviors associated with being good with women

Dress is HUGE to women. Women spend HOURS getting dressed. Do you think she’ll appreciate it if she takes all this time while you just throw something on? NO, no, and no again. DRESS UP!!! I know, I know, we’re men. We care about football, brats, and beer. We don’t dress up. THAT OUR #1 PROBLEM!!! We must dress up to impress the women we are trying to get. Now, I’m not talking a suit and tie every day. …

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How to Cure Your Approach Anxiety

So here’s something I want you to try. Whenever you go out, talk to three people, but do it just for practice. Don’t do it for real.

Because it’s just for practice, don’t limit yourself to just talking to hot chicks. In general, I’ve found that elderly people (both males and females) and fat women are easiest to talk to of all the demographic groups. If it helps, set up a time limit for your practice interactions, for example, that you’ll talk to this person you see on the sidewalk for 30 seconds, and then you’ll get out of the …

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You gotta do what you gotta do

You will constantly catch me quoting my signature phrase “game is all that matters”, which I know to be true. However, that does not mean that you do not need to try to look your best once you’ve become skilled at picking up women.

Being able to look YOUR absolute best should be a part of your game, and will give you an advantage over most men. Many men seem to lack in this area, simply because of the fact that they are not aware of how important small flaws in appearance are to women, and believe me when I …

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Making a First Impression that Lasts

What Makes a Good First Impression:

warmth, sense of humor, imagination, confidence, success, fitness, individuality, body language, conversational ability, aspiration, power, creativity, kindness

What Makes a Poor First Impression:

self-centered, closed minded and judgmental, lack of manners, poor conversational ability, negative life attitude, lack of education, immature, indecisive, no opinions, lack of integrity, war stories from past relationships, complaining, shallowness, only interested in sex, power games, manipulation, materialistic…

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