May 29, 2023

Behaviors associated with being good with women

Dress is HUGE to women. Women spend HOURS getting dressed. Do you think she’ll appreciate it if she takes all this time while you just throw something on? NO, no, and no again. DRESS UP!!! I know, I know, we’re men. We care about football, brats, and beer. We don’t dress up. THAT OUR #1 PROBLEM!!! We must dress up to impress the women we are trying to get. Now, I’m not talking a suit and tie every day.

That would be unnecessary. But, at least five days out of the week, Sunday and any other day being the other 2, dress up. Come on, it doesn’t take men 2 1/2 hours to look nice. We don’t wesar makeup. All we need to do is wear some nice jeans or slacks and nice, collared shirts. Sorry, hoodies, baggy jeans, jerseys, t-shirts, or anything dirty, dingy, or faded will NOT do. It’s not hard to dress nice, nor is it expensive. Now I know there are women in this world that are more materialistic than Madonna herself, but most women on adultfrienedfinder DO NOT pay attention to what brands you wear. I’ll tell you this: A nice, dressy outfit for a guy can cost as low as $50. I’ve seen jeans that cost over $70 a pair, but I can have an outfit for $50 and mack on just as many honeys. Personally, I wear Dickies work slacks. Laughing now?

Put it this way: They don’t fade, they’re easy care (which means no ironing), and they LOOK GOOD paired with a nice shirt. You can find nice, collared shirts anywhere. Hey, I’m sorry, I never got into the Abercrombie and Tommy fads. You can get nice Guess shirts for WAAAAAY cheaper and they look just as good, even better at times. Hell, go to K-mart if you want. I got no shame in my game, I’ll go to Super K in a minute to pick up some nice jeans and shirts. It’s all about presentation. Let the womenfolk worry about name brands and such. All we have to do as guys is look like we weren’t raised in a sewer to impress women.

ALWAYS stay clean shaven, or trimmed if you got facial hair. Keep mints or minty gum (no big red, sorry) handy, a tiny toothbrush and paste kit in the car or somewhere convenient, wear GOOD deodorant (Degree is the BEST, in my opinion, especially Powder Fresh), and NEVER underestimate the power of baby powder. True as it may be, good cologne is key to attracting women. But, if you can’t afford the good stuff, and you don’t wanna buy the crap stuff, buy a bottle of baby powder, it’s the natural cologne. If a girl goes to give you brains, she will LOVE the smell of baby powder down there.

Two final things I must stress in being good with women would be to keep your nails clean and trimmed and your skin smooth. Yes, gentlemen, that means you have to use lotion. Keep a bottle in your ride if you gotta. There’s not many things more unattractive to chicks than ashy, rough hands on them.

Well, that’s it, that’s my input. If anyone has any comments or questions, please, ask the player. I’m sure he knows a great deal more than I do on the subject of attracting women.

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