April 1, 2023

5 Ways to Improve Your Casual Look

Dressing casually can be a rather daunting task for most men. The majority tend to think that casual and careless are synonymous. This is absolutely not true. The reason most men find it harder to dress casually than it is to dress up is because they don’t really know nor think about what they are wearing on their dress down days. Here are a few tips designed to help you out with this because this too will help you to seduce women.

No tatters

Worn out clothes don’t look good on anyone unless you are playing undercover hobo. Even then, pulling it off is a real tall order. Anything with missing buttons, stains or holes should be fixed or relegated to the dumps. It doesn’t matter if it’s your ‘killer’ shirt. You don’t look as good in it anymore now that it’s worn out. Get rid of it and try as best you can to find a replacement. It won’t be easy, but it’s for the best.

Keep off the gym clothes

The hint is in the name, gym clothes. They should only ever be worn while working out. Nylon shorts, track pants and basketball tops don’t look that great on most guys. Hardly anyone can seduce women in those. Besides they are probably drenched in sweat now that you’ve been working out in them.
Also, casual sneakers and runners are different. Don’t make the mistake of wearing them with your casual outfits. It’s better if you wore…

A pair of brown leather shoes

Quality leather shoes give your casual outfit that care free debonaire look without coming off as stuck up. It’s understandable that black might be your dress shoes of choice and wearing a pair on your down time gives you a little pause. Having a brown or tan pair of leather shoes in your wardrobe goes a long way in complimenting almost everything in your casual look dress down section.

Wear a belt

Jeans don’t look all that good sagged as the music videos would have you believe. A belt is essential as far as keeping your pair of jeans in it’s rightful place. Make it leather. A good quality leather belt will help you improve your casual look. But it’s better to have on a any kind of belt than none at all.

No dress shirts

Tee shirts should be the rule here. Dress shirts tend to be long and can give you an extra sloppy look when untucked. Besides, most of them are made strictly for formal wear or very smart casual. Finding one that’s versatile enough to pull both looks off is very rare. Unless you want to risk spoiling your entire look, seduce women by going for the clean, neat and fitting tee shirt.

It’s simple to look great in casual, all it takes is a little care. The ladies at adultfrienedfinder app love a man who looks great in a pair of jeans. Pay attention to how you dress on your casual look days and Seduce Women Like a King!

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